AdExchanger Research Reveals Publishers’ Programmatic Revenues to Increase Dramatically in 2016

Programmatic selling accounts for a higher percentage of revenue today than ever before and is expected to increase substantially in 2016, according to a new report by AdExchanger Research, a practice designed to provide thoughtful analysis on the digital media… Continue Reading


[Innospace] Почему мобильный программатик это новый фронтир

Оригинальный текст Возможно, это было неизбежно — что программные покупки взлетели именно в мобайле. В конце концов, мобильная реклама растет с каждым годом, и программатик, который к концу 2016 года, по прогнозам, станет индустрией на $20 миллиаров, не собирается останавливаться.… Continue Reading


[AdIndex] 25 мая в DIgital October Center состоялась первая конференция о Programmatic — Hybrid Conf 2015

Конференция имела важно практическое значение как для обучения и обмена знаниями, так и для поиска новых клиентов. Представители рекламных агентств из числа участников, которых было подавляющее большинство, имели возможность пообщаться напрямую с основателями и топ-менеджерами независимых DSP: Targetix, Auditorius, ViHub,… Continue Reading


[The Wall Street Journal] Zipcar Embraces Programmatic Ads and Criticizes Lack of Transparency at Agencies

Zipcar is adding its voice to the increasingly loud criticisms of advertising agencies when it comes to transparency (or lack thereof) about their digital ad buying practices and pricing. Two years ago, Zipcar dumped its digital ad agency and elected… Continue Reading


[Advertising Age] Programmatic Buying Coming to the Political Arena in 2016

Political ad buyers often follow the digital example of their commercial counterparts, and in some cases have even gotten ahead of consumer marketers’ tactics. Now political campaigns and advocacy groups seem poised to buy ads through programmatic systems to a… Continue Reading


[The Wall Street Journal] Retailers Drive Growth in Digital Advertising

Retailers are driving growth in digital advertising more than any other industry, according to new estimates by eMarketer. US Mobile Ad Spending, by Industry, 2015 (billions and % of total)The research company predicted digital ad spending in the U.S. will… Continue Reading