[eMarketer] Is Mobile Programmatic at Risk of Fraud?

Mobile programmatic advertising will be grabbing the majority of US programmatic digital display ad dollars by 2017. But just because mobile programmatic is popular does not mean ad fraud is not a concern. More than a third of mobile programmatic impressions is at risk of fraud, according to 2015 research.


AppLift and Forensiq reported that 22% of mobile programmatic ad impressions served worldwide on AppLift’s platform between September 21 and October 19 were suspected fraud, and another 12% presented a high risk of fraud.

The bulk of mobile programmatic impressions was not at risk of fraud.

Fraud is a concern for many advertisers, and publishers. A September 2015 study from Operative and MediaPost Communications revealed that fraud was one of the biggest problems that US publishers said they faced.


In fact, 22.5% of respondents said so.

Low CPMs, too much manual labor and viewability were also problems facing their programmatic business.

Click fraud is also a problem for mobile advertisers and publishers. Fake clicks on app install ads, for example, are an issue around the world, especially in markets in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

Источник: eMarketer
Дата: 29.12.2015

Vera Khiteeva