[Fierce Wireless] Dynamic ad insertion, programmatic marketplaces could help mobile video business

As Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile each make moves into the mobile video arena, new advertising technologies like dynamic ad insertion and programmatic advertising could help them reap more cash from a market that so far has relied largely on blanket, 30-second TV advertisements.

Indeed, companies like Cablevision, Dish Network, TiVo and others are already working to expand this area with new partnerships and technologies aimed at giving advertisers more data on their targets and more options to reach them.

«We don’t report it publicly, but over the last 18 months, [serving national advertisers with addressable data from set-tops] has grown to be pretty big part of our data business,» said Ben Tatta, president of Cablevision Media Sales. «We’re now able to offer advertisers much more granular measurement, and it’s opened up opportunities we haven’t had before.»

Such technology likely will be of interest to the nation’s wireless operators. Verizon has already made a big splash with its Go90 mobile video service, and AT&T is investing in its own original video content through its Otter Media venture. Meantime, T-Mobile has signaled its own interest in the video space with the recent launch of its Binge On video optimization technology.

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Дата: 01.12.2015
Источник: Fierce Wireless

Vera Khiteeva