[AdWeek] Google Unveils New Programmatic Native and Full-Screen Mobile Video Ads

Google is now offering programmatic ads for native content and mobile video publishers, working with its DoubleClick clients like eBay.
Such publishers can make native ad units available for programmatic demand on Google’s open-auction and private marketplaces. The feature is now available in apps and will be available within a few months for cross-screen native ads.

«There’s no question that the rise of mobile has reshaped the consumer journey from dedicated online sessions to hundreds of micro-moments where they turn to the nearest device to answer a need in the moment,» Google’s director of product management Jonathan Bellack wrote in a blog post this morning.

Aforementioned eBay is one of the first publishers to get onboard with the format for native ads. Earlier this year, the e-commerce company began offering brands a new way to target consumers using programmatic native advertising for mobile devices. Since then, eBay has seen average ad engagement increase more than threefold with clickthrough rates for some campaigns up 5 percent.

«We’re focused on leveraging DoubleClick’s technical footprint to bring scalability to our native mobile programmatic offering,» said Brian Brownie, eBay’s director of U.S. display operations and programmatic advertising, according to Google’s blog post. «Our success with desktop private marketplaces, backed by eBay insights, has unlocked massive client adoption and this next phase of mobile delivery is a continuation of the effort.»

Google also will begin offering programmatic full-screen video ads for mobile devices. Bellack said both new advertising features will work together to help advertisers efficiently scale their advertising by meeting users where they are in formats that presented in a «seamless» way.

Дата: 13.11.2015
Источник: AdWeek

Vera Khiteeva