[The Drum] Tremor Video makes the case for programmatic branding

Tremor Video has launched a white paper exploring the rationale for using programmatic video in branding campaigns.

The report, based upon input from ten of the industry’s most influential figures, debunks some of the biggest myths around the use of programmatic advertising for branding campaigns.

It explores the top five concerns among advertisers and how the past 18-24 months have seen the programmatic industry make a concerted drive to address these issues, with the backing of both brands eager to embrace the potential of the technology, as well as trade bodies to act as an independent arbiter.

Video ad formats and the use of programmatic advertising technologies are regularly cited as two of the biggest driving forces in online advertising. However, the myths surrounding the use of programmatic for branding have slowed industry development.

The Tremor Video whitepaper, The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Programmatic Video for Branding, takes each of these myths and provides the real truth behind them. It is intended to help brands develop a strategy for the use of programmatic video in branding campaigns.

It comes as increasing number of brands, from Nestle to American Airlines, launch programmatic branding campaigns for the first time.

It explores the case for using programmatic advertising technologies for brand advertising campaigns, examining the issues both for and against, using both quantitative and qualitative research studies, plus testimonies from leading industry professionals.

The five myths debunked are:

  • Viewability issues mean ads just aren’t seen by the intended audience
  • Click fraud means ad budget will be wasted
  • Branding requires premium inventory lacking in the programmatic space where pricing models are a race to the bottom with little control
  • Programmatic is about engendering an action so best suited to driving conversion in direct response advertising
  • Branding is about immersive, emotive experiences without a call-to-action and depends on consistency of environment that programmatic can’t deliver

The white paper, produced by The Drum’s branded content division Drum Works, is available to download here.

Дата: 04.06.2015
Источник: The Drum

Vera Khiteeva