[eMarketer] Why Retailers Are Buying In to Programmatic

For retailers aiming to reach today’s multichannel consumers with consistent messaging across channels, programmatic marketing can help. And based on recent research, those using programmatic are happy with the results.

In a March 2015 study by WBR Digital, in conjunction with MediaMath, more than two-thirds of US retailers that already conducted ad buying programmatically intended to increase investments this year.

IgnitionOne data also found increases in retail programmatic dollars. Among retailers in the US, programmatic display ad spending rose 26% year over year in Q1 2015. Investment gains were even higher during major holiday shopping days last year—Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday—when US retail programmatic display spending rose 43% over the same days in 2013, other research by IgnitionOne found.

Programmatic users in the WBR and MediaMath study reported seeing solid returns from such efforts throughout the purchase funnel. Respondents were most likely to say multichannel programmatic campaigns had resulted in more efficient media buying and targeting and helped them improve the customer experience with more relevant messaging. Other top benefits included enhanced media return on investment (ROI) and conversions as well as better business outcomes.

However, while retailers using programmatic were seeing its value in everything from brand awareness to ROI, multichannel campaign analytics had some way to go. Just 8% managed such metrics on a single platform and had great visibility into performance. Meanwhile, the majority said their analytics were spread across multiple platforms—with some reporting inefficient but solid visibility, and others fractured visibility—and the remaining respondents were just starting to build out analytics systems for campaigns.

While programmatic marketing is useful for retailers throughout the purchase funnel, those that lack a single analytics strategy will struggle to tie together customer data from various channels, limiting their ability to act on insights from multichannel programmatic efforts.


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Дата: 07.05.2015
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Vera Khiteeva