[eMarketer] Mobile Internet Ad Spend in China to Almost Double This Year

Mobile internet ad spending in China continues to see strong growth and is expected to almost double this year, according to eMarketer’s latest estimates of ad spending around the world. eMarketer predicts spending on display and search ads delivered to mobile internet-connected devices will reach $13.98 billion this year, up from $7.38 billion in 2014, and will account for 45% of all digital spend in the country.


When SMS-based ads are taken into account, mobile ad spending in China rises to $14.77 billion, an increase of 80% from 2014. eMarketer estimates that with all formats included, mobile will account for 20.7% of total media ad spending in the country in 2015, with this share rising to 45.4% in 2019. In 2016, mobile ad spending in the country will surpass dollars invested in TV ads for the first time.


Digital continues to take a growing share of total media ad spend, surpassing TV last year to become the lead channel for paid advertising in China. This year, eMarketer expects, digital spend will pass $30 billion, which represents 43.6% of total media spending in the country. By 2017, digital as a whole will account for more than half of all ad spending, and by 2018, China will surpass the UK as the country with the highest portion of digital spend in the world.

«Compared to developed markets such as the US and Western Europe, traditional media consumption in China has been around for a relatively short time. So switching to digital and mobile doesn’t require too much getting out of the old habit and happens much faster. Marketers are simply keeping up with what consumers are doing,» comments Haixia Wang, VP of forecasting at eMarketer.

China’s rapid growth—and the massive size of the country and its mobile population—have helped turn it into the second-largest market in the world for mobile advertising. More than one-fifth of all mobile internet ad dollars in the world will be spent in China this year.

Дата: 1.04.2015
Источник: eMarketer

Vera Khiteeva